Message from Sankofa Board & Administration

The Sankofa Board and Administration want to ensure the parents, students and  staff of our concern for its safety during the coronavirus outbreak.  Understanding the Governor has issued a “shelter in place” order for nineteen (19) counties including Tulsa, we hope you will be extremely cautious in taking care of your day to day needs. 

Sad to say, this catastrophic event brings out the worst in some people. Criminals, scammers and other undesirables are trying to profit from the innocent, sick and vulnerable.   Therefore, we are asking you to be extremely alert to thieves and scams. This is especially true when you need to take care of necessary grocery and medical needs.  Finally, always remember that “social distancing” works. It limits the spread of the coronavirus. We recommend you do not venture away from home unless it is absolutely necessary.  We look forward to reuniting with you when this catastrophic event is over.

Take care,
Sankofa  Administration     

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