Our Mission


The mission of Sankofa Middle School of Creative and Performing Arts is to create a community of cultured learners by promoting a tuition-free academic environment promoting excellence, self-regulation and creative genius among students within an environment which expresses each student’s individuality while addressing barriers to future success in becoming life-long learners.

The primary education goals of Sankofa are:

  1. All students will exhibit the ability to properly communicate thoughts, feelings and concepts verbally, through written communication or kinetically.
  2. All students will exhibit competency of the core curriculum to include reading, language arts, math science and social studies.
  3. All students will be appropriately placed with animated and confident teachers who can appeal to each student’s learning style while stimulating each student to find intrinsic value in meeting and exceeding performance standards.
  4. All administrators, teachers and support personnel will support a school-wide behavior model which patiently models appropriate socially acceptable mannerisms and behaviors which addresses, redirects and corrects attitudes and behaviors which are not conducive to the success of the student and the school. 
  5. All school personnel will be held accountable for the success of the school and each of the students through a “no excuse” educational environment which demands that everyone accepts personal responsibility for each child’s success.
  6. Sankofa School of Creative and Performing Arts promotes parent involvement which encourages each parent to become an active contributor to school activities and to his or her child’s success within the academic environment.
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